An Alice Pink

An Alice Pink is a collaborative text by Lola Bunting and Sarah Lederman, published alongside recent drawings by Lederman in ON FIGURE/S. DRAWING AFTER BELLMER, the latest publication from MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, edited by Kate Macfarlane, Michael Newman, Sharon Kivland, & Louis Mason.

ON FIGURE/S is published in parallel with the exhibition FIGURE/S: drawing after Bellmer (Drawing Room, London, September 2021) and is available to order now from

Contributors: Paul Buck, Lola Bunting, Alice Butler, Paul Chan, Iris Colomb, Vincent Dachy, Zoë Dowlen, Rachel Genn, Aurelia Guo, Mathew Hale, Tom Hastings, Rebecca Jagoe, Sharon Kivland, Sarah Lederman, Kate Macfarlane, Kumi Machida, Louis Mason, Reba Maybury, Jade Montserrat, John Murphy, Michael Newman, Bernard Noël, Tamarin Norwood, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, Aura Satz, Sophie Seita, Anne Lesley Selcer, Isabel Seligman, Sarah Wilson. An Alice Pink was first published on the occasion of And they leapfrogged through the night, a solo exhibition by Sarah Lederman at 53 Beck Road.

Short film by Sarah Lederman and Lola Bunting made for the launch of ON FIGURE/S. DRAWING AFTER BELLMER, Spring 2021.