Existing in an un-real World

Fintan Ryan, Fiona Chambers, James Graham, Janina Frye, Joshua Sex, Katrin Hanusch, Kirsty White, Laura Fitzgerald, Lola Bunting, Nicky Teegan, Robert Costello, Sanja Todorovic, Tom Mason

17-20 October 2019, Part of Art Licks Weekend

Artist in Residence at St Moritz Art Academy
September 2019


The river we stepped in twice

Lola Bunting and Pete Smith
Curated by David Connearn

7 - 25 September 2018
Opening Thursday 6 September, 6 - 9pm


Boy they try and mourn ya

in collaboration with Sarah Lederman, featured on Broken Diorama - Special Guest Mix by Alison Ballance and Alice Rekab for HERETICS #12 by Diana Policarpo (18/10/2017)

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ZEIRAM a collaborative book project with Mathis Gasser for 53 Beck Road.


A slow descent has been used as the artwork on Seramic's debut track, People Say.

Listen to People Say below.

A slow descent is featured in the latest issue of Art Licks Magazine.

Available from Art Licks and Ti Pi Tin